An eye test takes 30 minutes and could add years to your sight.

The process of an eye test is very simple and thorough. We recommend you have an eye test at least every 2 years, or more frequently if recommended by your optician.

The eye test not only provides an accurate assessment of your ability to see, but also gauges the general health of your eyes. The eye test can result in early identification of other eye problems such as high blood pressure.

Eye care is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, watching your weight and making sure you have your eyes checked regularly doesn’t just keep your vision in tip-top condition, but these measures can also help in the detection of long-term health issues such as diabetes, which can lead to permanent eye damage.

Reading eyeglasses and eye chart

New Service OCT Scanning Service

We now offer a OCT hospital grade eye scanning service with our new Topcon Triton scanner. Ask us about this extra service when you have an eye examination.


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